Experience And Publications

Recipient, ABA Outstanding Military Service Career Judge Advocate Award (Aug 2008).

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Puleo, L. J., “Bulletproofing your Trial: How to Avoid Common Mistakes That Jeopardize Your Case on Appeal,��� The Army Lawyer, pp 53-71 (Aug 2008).

Instructor, Defense Institute of International Legal Studies: “Human Rights and Humanitarian Law,” Sanaa, Yemen, April 2012; “Human Rights and Humanitarian Law,” Beirut, Lebanon, February 2012; “Legal Aspects of Developing a Professional Military, Compliance with International Standards” Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Aug2010; “Legal Aspects of Combating Terrorism,” Ankara, Turkey, July 2008.

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Puleo, L. J., “Military Technical Agreement Governing Kosovo,” Kosovo Force Chronicle, Jun 2003.

Puleo, L. J., ���United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244,” Kosovo Force Chronicle, April 2003.

Panel Moderator, United States Pacific Command’s International Legal Conference (MILOPS), 2006 (Singapore), 2007 (Malaysia), and 2011 (Australia).

Instructor, International Law Exchange Team: Rule of Law Studies, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, May 2006.

Instructor, “Practical Application of the Rules of Engagement during Combined Operations,” Non-lethal Weapons Seminar, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2005.

Cohost and Guest Speaker, Republic of Korea Operational Law Conference, Baran, Korea, Nov 2004.

Guest Speaker, 8th Annual Public Interest Environmental Conference, Florida State University College of Law, 14-16 Feb 2002.

Guest Speaker, Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Conference 2009, “Implementing CM/ECF in the Military”; and 1999, “Evidentiary Framework: Admission of��Evidence of Prior Misconduct under Military Rule of Evidence 413 and 414.”

Guest Speaker, Air Force Judge Advocate General School, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery Alabama, 1998 and 1999; “Framework for the Application of the Coastal Zone Management Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.���

Puleo, Louis J., “Military Rules of Evidence,” Instructional Manual for Military Judge Advocates, U.S. Naval Justice School Publication (1999).

Puleo, Louis J., “Federal Officer and Employee Liability under Federal Environmental Laws.” Locally published handbook used in conjunction with command training activities. (1994).

Puleo, Louis J., “Fraternization,” Proceedings, United States Naval Institute, Vol. 118, no. 6, June 1992, 40-41.

Puleo, Louis J., “Protocol for the Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse Cases.” Guide used by criminal investigators and prosecuting attorneys for the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases. (1992).

Principal Legal Advisor-Senior Command Counsel (Staff Judge Advocate).

  • Executive legal counsel to several Marine Corps General Officers including the Commander of the largest U.S. Marine Corps command (U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific (MarForPac)) with forces engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan and Commander of the Marine Corps’ largest training facility (MCAGCC, 29 Palms, CA).
  • Senior legal counsel to MarForPac providing legal review and advice for the implementation of U.S. Pacific defense strategy, including military force draw downs and relocation in foreign countries (Japan, Australia and Guam); the prosecution and investigation of high visibility criminal trials, including those involving national security breaches and war crimes; and several multinational and interagency exercises and operations including humanitarian assistance and relief missions during the Indian Ocean Tsunami and the Philippine Mudslide disaster.
  • Senior counsel ensuring organizational and individual legal compliance with international, humanitarian and human rights law and government fiscal, procurement and ethics regulations.
  • Provided operational, human rights and humanitarian law training to foreign defense forces and ministries, including those from Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Yemen, and Lebanon, as part of United States foreign military engagement strategy.

Director Appellate Litigation.

  • Head of the Department of the Navy’s appellate litigation division overseeing more than six hundred cases per year and representing the United States before the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces and the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals.
  • Authored appellate briefs and presented arguments before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces including cases that redefined the Constitutional protections applicable to the U.S. military.
  • Coordinated military criminal justice cases with Department of Justice during appellate challenges and assisted the U.S. Solicitor General’s Office prepare a case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Senior Trial Litigator.

  • Lead counsel prosecuting or defending over three hundred felony and misdemeanor trials.
  • Lead counsel in over two hundred administrative hearings and investigations.
  • Represented several senior officers, including General Officers, at trial and administrative hearings.
  • Responsible for the operation, supervision and legal training of trial and defense counsel, including a regional office with more than thirty-five attorneys litigating over six hundred cases per year.

Principal Legal Advisor, U. N. Kosovo Force (KFOR).

  • Head of KFOR’s office of legal counsel, supervision a multinational legal team that provided international, humanitarian, and human rights law support to the NATO command element in Kosovo.

Law School Instructor.

  • Chair of the Evidence and Environmental Law Departments at the Naval Justice School, responsible for curriculum development and instruction of evidence, trial advocacy and environmental law for all new Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard attorneys.